Ballet Central

Alice Guillot, France

"With Ballet Central, we get many opportunities to perform. I find working towards the shows really motivating and it gives me great preparation for my future career."

Joseph Beretta, UK

"The opportunity to portray a variety of characters will allow me to grow both artistically and personally."

Alexander Fadayiro, UK

"I feel that our work with Ballet Central and the skills that we are equipped with are vital in preparing us for professional contracts in the future."

Ashleigh Pickering, UK

"The opportunities offered on the degree programme at Central encourage versatility and individuality."

Callum McGregor, UK

"Ballet Central is enabling me to grow and gain the necessary skills to become a versatile dancer, ready for my career."

Chelsea Wewege, South Africa

"Preparing for a national tour with Ballet Central is an exciting start to my career as a professional dancer."

David Stirrup, UK

"I'm really looking forward to going on tour with Ballet Central, and the opportunity to learn new skills I will be able to use in my future career."

Georgia Howlett, UK

"I am already beginning to see how well Ballet Central prepares us for professional careers. The atmosphere this year feels much like it would do in a company."

Hana Takahashi, Japan

"I am so excited to able to perform the works of so many amazing choreographers and am so thankful for this opportunity."

Holly Taylor, UK

"I'm very excited to be working with some inspiring mentors this year, and to be encouraged in new styles and ways of performing which will improve my versatility as a dancer."

Isabel Filby, UK

"I feel so privileged to be able to work with so many exciting choreographers for the 2019 tour."

Jonathan Layton, UK

"I enjoy working with the Ballet Central staff because they are focused on creating artists, not just dancers."

Koko Kato, Japan

"Having gone through all the hard work together with my fellow students makes me feel extremely happy and proud while performing on stage."

Leon Peace, UK

"I am looking forward to having the opportunity to embody different characters across the repertoire."

Lewis Bondu, UK

"I am looking forward to the challenge of learning works created by renowned choreographers and seeing how I am able to interpret them in my own way."

Lily Folpp, Australia

"Being a member of Ballet Central is an invaluable opportunity to experience touring and company life, making me hungrier to gain employment within the industry!

Madeleine Davies, UK

"The responsibility of bringing to life this year's repertoire is a privilege and an exciting opportunity."

Mai Ito, Japan

"I am so excited to be a part of Ballet Central this year because this is my first step towards becoming a professional dancer!"

Mariko Kageta, Japan

"I am committed to my training at Central which is preparing me well for the tour. I love rehearsing with my friends and can't wait to perform to audiences across the UK."

Megan Watts, UK

"I feel very privileged to be able to have the opportunity to perform on stage, portraying characters with amazing choreography, original scores of music and wonderful costumes so the audience can immerse themselves in the story telling."

Mio Saito, Japan

"I feel that the Ballet Central tour will be a wonderful opportunity to develop as a professional dancer. I am excited to be working with many choreographers."

Molly Shaw-Downie, UK

"I feel that Ballet Central promotes what I can only call 'collective individuality', where within a group work ethic, one is challenged to maximise personal potential."

Natsuho Matsumoto, Japan

"We have excellent teamwork and respect for each other, which helps us to deliver a great performance to audiences. We inspire each other every day, which helps us to grow as people and as performers."

Nell Maude, UK

"I'm looking forward to spending the next year working with such inspiring choreographers on some really exciting repertoire."

Oliver Harrison, UK

"I am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to work with such inspiring choreographers and to rehearse and perform this year's varied repertoire."

Olivia Boyd, UK

"I'm so excited to take part in the upcoming Ballet Central tour and the opportunity to work with some amazing choreographers."

Pippa Myres, UK

"I am excited to share the passion I have for dance with the audience."

Rebecca Stead, UK

"I am eager to see how I will develop as an artist and as a person through the many unique opportunities and experiences I will participate in as a member of Ballet Central."

Risa Yokoyama, Japan

"I am very thankful to be studying at Central. I look forward to a great year ahead working with my fellow students towards a fantastic Ballet Central tour in 2019."

Sophia Lyon, UK

"Third year has already given me the buzz that I usually feel on stage, in rehearsals and workshops... bring on the tour!"

Sotera Spencer, USA

"I look forward to an exemplary year here at Central, working alongside such remarkable mentors and talented dancers!"

Tessa Raby, UK

"Working with such a fabulous team of choreographers, teachers and artists fills me with awe. Ballet Central is helping me push my boundaries, fight my fears and fulfil my dreams."

Thomas Varney, UK

"I'm so excited to be part of the Ballet Central tour and have the privilege to perform on stages across the nation."

Timothy Leckie, UK

"I am excited to get an insight into the touring life of a ballet dancer, and the opportunity to show what we have been working hard to achieve."

Yumi Maekawa, Japan

"The experince gained in Ballet Central will be a great advantage for getting along well as a professional dancer."

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