What Audiences Can Expect From This Year’s Ballet Central Programme

29 April 2024

Very soon, Ballet Central will commence its annual tour, visiting various venues across the UK. The programme has been carefully selected by Artistic Director, Kate Coyne, and offers audiences a harmonious balance between classical ballet and contemporary dance. It features exciting choreographers, with two brand new commissions created for the Ballet Central company.

The first performance, Stay On It, choreographed especially for this year’s programme, is accompanied by a rhythmic track from African American composer Julius Eastman. The piece is choreographed by Jules Cunningham, who makes works that bear traces of their dance heritage – a preference for classical lines and mathematical structures but distinctly personal and intimate. Stay On It is an intricately detailed choreographic work, drawing its inspiration from the music and the dancers’ connection to it. Spatial choices in the choreography have been designed based on observation of shared relationships and interpersonal dynamics within the studio, during the creative process.

Next in the programme is Carolyn Bolton’s Night Flight v2.0. Delving into the realms of the imagination, this new work takes inspiration from the cosmos. The choreography is a celestial dialogue, a dance of gravity and weightlessness, capturing the essence of the universe’s silent poetry. The dancers create a visual symphony, where bodies collide and intertwine like stars forming constellations. The work transcends the boundaries of the space inviting the audience to embark on a journey where the movement communicates untold stories written in the sky. Embodying the constellations’ energy and allure, the dancers reveal the magic of the night sky.

Audiences will then experience the deeply personal and evocative work I think we’re on different planets, choreographed by Daniel Davidson. I think we’re on different planets was originally conceived and created in collaboration with the current second year students as part of Daniel’s studies whilst participating in the MA Choreography programme at Central School of Ballet. The work is an exploration of themes revolving around love, an inevitable loss of that love, and the attempts we make to move on from experiences or burdens from our past. It also examines our yearning for connection, our quest to find a life partner, and our resilience in navigating the weight of grief.

To close the evening, Ballet Central will perform the delightful Coppélia Act III, restaged by Adela Ramirez. This celebration of classical ballet is accompanied by the stunning score from Léo Delibes. The story follows Dr Coppelius, the inventor of his beloved doll Coppélia. Dr Coppelius is upset after Swanilda cruelly tricked him by pretending to be the doll come to life. Meanwhile, Swanilda and Franz rejoice in their matrimony whilst the village is alive with festivities.

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